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Questionable Author Behaviour - An incomplete list

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This list is in no way comprehensive, just a collection of blog-posts talking about Authors Behaving Badly. I did not include amazon- or GR-Reviews because a) there are far too many and b) often comments or whole reviews get deleted and in the end everything looks highly confusing and nobody knows what was actually going on. I simply don't have the time to check all these reviews to see what still makes sense for people who haven't been following them from the beginning.


Robert Stanek

Jon Stock

Eve Thomas 1 | 2 | 3

Robert Clarke Young 1 | 2



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These are just some cases I know about because I followed discussion about this kind of author-behaviour. I'm sure there's more. If you know of any other links you think belong on this list (or think one of those links is inaccurate) drop a comment.

well, that is an unfortunate update. :/ More like "never ever planning to read"

SOMEONE could have told me I had "white" TWICE in my title. JULIA.

I didn't intend to be THAT bitter.

The Bling Ring : How a Gang of Fame-Obsessed Teens Ripped Off Hollywood and Shocked the World - Nancy Jo Sales IRRELEVANT TANGENTS: THE BOOK
Poison - Bridget Zinn 2.5 stars. Lots of potential, hardly any of it realised. There wasn't nearly enough world building, the characters felt flat and the plot twists were cheap. You could see them from a mile away. I felt a bit annoyed when the last one came along. It didn't feel natural to have been left out of the narration for so long. I give it a "meh" of approval, I guess.
Geography Club - Brent Hartinger More like 2.5 stars. I think it was actually good book (which is why I gave 3 instead of 2 stars), maybe I'm just too old for books where waffling about being gay is the entire story. Maybe the sequels are better in that regard and Russel & friends actually do something else.
Mastiff (Beka Cooper, #3) - Tamora Pierce In my opinion, this book wasn't as strong as TERRIER and especially BLOODHOUND were. The twist at the end made me extremely sad, yes, so it did its job but it also threw me out of the story and I couldn't get back into it. I felt it was a disservice to the character as well as the entire series and will dampen my enjoyment should I reread it, which at this point I find questionable simply because of this single twist, which is a shame.I also think that the inclusion of a dead fiancé we've never heard of before, only to be revealed to be abusive awas a huge disservice to an otherwise enjoyable (save for the twist) book. I don't think Beka as we've seen her would have put up with it. We didn't have the chance to see the relationship as harmful, we're only being told it was. I don't doubt it was but I feel like not much would be lost if it had been cut completely.I was also disappointed that we're being pulled out of the familiar environment. I missed the supporting cast, be it in Corus or Port Caynn. I often had to talk myself into continuing to read. The first two books were very character-driven while MASTIFF lacked that. If you'd told me I'd enjoy a book about counterfeit money more than one about a royal kidnapping, I'd told you you were crazy. Yet here we are.This review is very harsh, but it's still a good book. I'm holding it up to the rest of the series which, I feel, is in an entirely different league than MASTIFF. Overall, it was good but not as tight as the others were and I left feeling disappointed.
Tripping to Somewhere - Kristopher Reisz,  Sammy Yuen This is the best book about two teenagers from Birmingham, Alabama running away from home to join a group of semi-immortal witches ending with the ravens leaving the Tower of London and one of them losing an eye before being detained by the (British) Secret Service I've ever read.

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword of Avalon

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword of Avalon - Diana L. Paxson This book is paced quite oddly and I found it hard to latch onto the story for the first 150-200 pages. Paxson doesn't manage to convey the passing of time all that well, so I often found myself quite lost when exactly time has passed and how much. This gets better in the last half of the book when large periods of time aren't skipped anymore.Even though the main story is quite predictable most of the time, each character tells his or her own story and I never had the feeling I was reading a prop. However, large parts that should develop a character -- mainly Mikantor/Woodpecker -- are skipped or just mentioned in passing and should have been told on page.I was also very intrigued by and impressed with the details the author managed to work into the book. The chapter on the smithing of the Sword of Stars -- the legendary Excalibur -- is easily my favourite.In conclusion: After you get over the pacing, Sword of Avalon is a good read that can actually be enjoyed on its own but might make you curious for more.
Die Ahnen von Avalon (Gebundene Ausgabe) - Diana L. Paxson, Marion Zimmer Bradley I remember reading this book a couple of years ago and not really liking it. I think I compared it to the "original" Avalon books (by this I mean Mists, Fall of Atlantis and The Forest House, which, at that point were the only ones I had read) too much to really like it on its own merit. You can very much tell it's by another author and I think I held that against it.This time around, I really liked it. It was a little slow to pick up at first and I found myself wanting the Micail chapters to end soon quite often, but it's a good read. However, I don't think it stands well on its own so it's not a book you can just pick up. You have to have read at least The Fall of Atlantis, otherwise I think you'd find yourself quite lost.
A Strong and Sudden Thaw - R.W. Day This isn't some great piece of literature, fairly predictable most times but it's enjoyable enough. Sometimes, one just wants to read a love story set in a post-pocalyptic wasteland, seasoned with smalltown mindsets and government conspiracies and also dragons.

52: Volume 2 (Infinite crisis/ 52)

52, Vol. 2 - Geoff Johns;Grant Morrison;Greg Rucka;Mark Waid I continue to like the Renee Montoya/Vic Sage as well as the Booster Gold story, the others, however ... not so much. I'm considering just skipping the other stories in the next volume.
Same Same But Different - Benjamin Prüfer Ehrlich, ich hatte mehr erwartet. Ich kann das "mehr" nicht einmal wirklich definieren, ich war einfach nur unterwältigt. Versteht mich nicht falsch, es ist interessant, vor allem, da es wahr ist und dem Autoren wirklich passiert ist. Jedoch mangelt es meiner Meinung nach an erzählerischem Tiefgang - verständlich, da es ein persönliches Thema ist, als Leser jedoch unbefriedigend und frustrierend. Ich habe oft gedacht, wäre das eine Dokumentation im Fernsehen, fände ich sie großartig, als Buch lässt es jedoch zu wünschen übrig.Zudem kam ich nie darüber hinweg, dass ich aufgrund von Benjamins Naivität mehrmals die Hände über dem Kopf zusammenschlagen wollte.Außerdem befinden sich in dem Buch Rechtschreibfehler zuhauf, die mich einfach rausgebracht haben - und ich spreche nicht einmal von dem bruchstückhaften, gesprochenem Englisch, das ja gewollt ist - sondern dem Deutschen des Erzähltexts.
Soulless - Gail Carriger, Gail Carriger This novel has a lot of stuff I like, a steampunk setting, corsets, werewolves, great secondary characters, lots of witty banter between the protagonists, an ass-kicking, no-nonsense female heroine and a hilarious narration.I absolutely ADORED the first 150 pages or so. I liked the unresolved sexual tension between Alexia and Lord Maccon much better before it was, well, resolved. The romance felt rushed, and, well, it was a little too much, too soon for my taste. If I want to read full-on romance (I usually don't), I read a romance novel. I like romance and I love a good make out (of which there are many in this), but not if the "action" plot fades into the background too much, which was the case.