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I'm a fucking lady, okay. Queer. I like ladies kicking butts in whichever way they choose to. Threesomes are better than love triangles.

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Die Ahnen von Avalon (Gebundene Ausgabe) - Diana L. Paxson, Marion Zimmer Bradley I remember reading this book a couple of years ago and not really liking it. I think I compared it to the "original" Avalon books (by this I mean Mists, Fall of Atlantis and The Forest House, which, at that point were the only ones I had read) too much to really like it on its own merit. You can very much tell it's by another author and I think I held that against it.This time around, I really liked it. It was a little slow to pick up at first and I found myself wanting the Micail chapters to end soon quite often, but it's a good read. However, I don't think it stands well on its own so it's not a book you can just pick up. You have to have read at least The Fall of Atlantis, otherwise I think you'd find yourself quite lost.