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Mastiff (Beka Cooper, #3) - Tamora Pierce In my opinion, this book wasn't as strong as TERRIER and especially BLOODHOUND were. The twist at the end made me extremely sad, yes, so it did its job but it also threw me out of the story and I couldn't get back into it. I felt it was a disservice to the character as well as the entire series and will dampen my enjoyment should I reread it, which at this point I find questionable simply because of this single twist, which is a shame.I also think that the inclusion of a dead fiancé we've never heard of before, only to be revealed to be abusive awas a huge disservice to an otherwise enjoyable (save for the twist) book. I don't think Beka as we've seen her would have put up with it. We didn't have the chance to see the relationship as harmful, we're only being told it was. I don't doubt it was but I feel like not much would be lost if it had been cut completely.I was also disappointed that we're being pulled out of the familiar environment. I missed the supporting cast, be it in Corus or Port Caynn. I often had to talk myself into continuing to read. The first two books were very character-driven while MASTIFF lacked that. If you'd told me I'd enjoy a book about counterfeit money more than one about a royal kidnapping, I'd told you you were crazy. Yet here we are.This review is very harsh, but it's still a good book. I'm holding it up to the rest of the series which, I feel, is in an entirely different league than MASTIFF. Overall, it was good but not as tight as the others were and I left feeling disappointed.